viernes, 18 de mayo de 2007


Living in cuba has some advantages (ouch!), and this is certainly one of them.

¨Xdistante" is a saturday evening tv show they put on
cuban tv.
It's about anime, animation and everything related to comics on screen. The thing is the guy who runs the show doesn't give a damn about copyright, so he just puts on whatever he likes or thinks must be put on tv.

Man I can't tell you how long do I expect during the week for the Saturday to come. You recall some anime title? You name it, and it's probably shown already.

[ more or less comprehensive list of anime stuff]

So the next thing to think about is. What happens to a tv channel when audience just doesn't matters? Well two things can happen:
- The guy on the show is a real geek / fanatic / trekkie whatever the tv show is about. What I've saw is it's the only thing that matters in order to get a pretty good show going on. And I mean it. I've seen the better tv shows ever here in cuba, and that's because of the enthusiasm of the showmakers. They just loved the topic they are making the show about, and they don't care about copyright, son they just put on what they thing has to be put on.

- The guy on the show doesn't care / the guy on the show is being forced to do the show / there are "hidden reasons"... And now you get real crap, but it's a minority, and it's also a "crap" you can easily identify and avoid.

Final conclusions: audience doesn't really matter. Those shows which just have an enthusiastic guy at the controls, gather some really good audience anyway. Maybe no "30%" of share but, what the hell??? which is the point of something that 40% of people is watching at the same time??? The truth is: there are very few things that we all like the same but sex, lies and stuff like that, so that's what happens when audience drives every standard goes deep down until it finds what we 100% have in common, so we can watch at the same time: animal stuff.

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