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Webcomic II

I need another post to keep talking 'bout webcomic.

What I've seen is how it shows up a whole “real world” on the virtual one. I don't mean the second life thing (which I also respect) I mean it in the what-a-colorful-universe-we-live-in sense.

I've found sci-fi comics, geek comics (those were the very first) manga comics 'modern life' comics ...

I've found comicstrips , comic books, “audio” comic ...

I've found terror comics, romatic comics ...

I've found experimental & state-of-the-art comics in several ways, both argumental and drawing style.

I guess many of them are not profitable ones, but I know about a few who let their creators make a living of those.

Well if that's not a “real world” example, somebody please tell me where I can find one.

Webcomic is then approaching a real world economics, since there is a huge variety of them, and there are many people making a "real" living on that. But the distribution and promotion is not handled by a editing house, neither by "internet itself", it's handled by the author and some networks they've have come of with. While I was checking webcomics, I got into several of them thanks to various links/banners system, and I quickly stayed with a few very different webcomics that I actually enjoyed. I've sightseen many more than I can recall just know, but I kept the ones I liked.

So this "promotion/distribution" network of links/banners works quite well, and quickly match readers with the webcomic they're interested in, and this is not just theory, it's actually happening now.

I think this is a taste of what is about to come in several ways: no need for intermediate, active users/readers/customers that search for what they want, distribution/promotion system based on word of mouth and helped by technology, and something that I'll call "proactive attention", related to the fact that webcomic users are people that doesn't pay attention based on a interrupting scheme (somebody interrupts you with a commercial to convince you to check something out), because there is so much to see. There is, in fact, so much to see that you, as a reader can't handle it, the reader no longer wants to 'know about everything under the sun', they actively select what they want from their "virtual neighborhood" (not based on location, but of "comes to them" through word of mouth, links, blogs, etc ..).

And yes, actually most of the comics are comic strips, yes, most of the comics are geek-style or anime or sci-fi or fantasy or 'modern'. But I wouldn't expect anything else. Obviously, the first ones to “get into it” are those tech-friendly guys (geek, scifi, fantasy, dungeons n' dragons, etc ...) and the same counts for the potential readers, so here we are: comics are very much alive on the net. Just like in the beginnings there were lots of academic people or computer talking, that is not because the net is “for them”. It's because they were already there. You can think of them as “pioneers”, if you want. there is no limitation to who or what can the net be used for.

So, sit and enjoy the net comic world, you'll get a taste of the future. Not only the “virtual” or “entertainment” world future, but the real money-earning world.

I almost forget: some listing:

  • clever dialogues, acid, love new york with this comic: Alien Loves Predator
  • quality drawings, impressive imagination: alpha-shade
  • Keep your mind working with xkcd
  • Modern life: Striptease
  • blood, blood, blood. the vampires are our friends: last blood.
Those comic on the list that are not linked are linked elsewhere on the post. Of course, you should also read my very first post on webcomic

DISCLAIMER: The author keeps talking again & again about comics, but he just can't help it

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